Reflex Paper

This is Australia’s most popular office paper, and it pretty well holds the monopoly. But it’s nasty stuff - it has blood of Leadbeaters possum, Sugar Gliders, Yellow-bellied gliders, owl nestlings, bandicoots and all their friends smeared through it.

It is made from the beautiful tall Mountain Ash trees of the Central Highlands. This paper factory could easily operate by processing plantation grown hardwood but it prefers to get cheap publicly owned forests as its feedstock. We tax payers subsidise this looting of our public forests for their private profit.

There are alternatives to using Reflex Paper.

VicForests finally admits – the logs aren’t there

23 January 2017

Forests are not a Magic Pudding and this fact finally caught up with the government and VicForests in January 2017.  Knocking down forests faster than they can regrow has been the management standard for decades by every logging agency and overseen and excused by every government (Liberal and Labor). After such cut-throat management, the industry and workers are now screaming that their throats have been cut because the limit has been reached; forests can no longer provide the sawlogs demanded.

Reflex Paper and Victorian native forest logging stripped of green credentials

24 August 2011

Reflex Paper has lost its Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification because Victoria’s native forest logging practices do not meet the Council’s strict environmental standards.

“This is a huge blow for the credibility of Victoria’s timber industry, and state-owned logging company VicForests,” said Wilderness Society campaigner Luke Chamberlain.