Old Growth Forests

Globally, it's very rare and endangered. Victoria doesn’t have much either, but East Gippsland is the stronghold of old growth forests with about maybe 15% remaining.

VicForests tells us it only destroys 300 hectares of these forests every year.  This means the now rare wildlife that evolved to live in these multi aged hollow-rich forests are being killed daily and species are in deep doo-doo. Trees can be 600+ years old, still solid and healthy, but are cut down to make way for a stream-lined woodchip industry.

VicForests and the Victorian government also have their own definition of old growth that allows them to claim they don’t log it. They also claim they protect most of it and have a giant tree protection policy. The size a tree has to be is extremely large – about 9m around and 600 years old. But we still find fresh stumps of that size and greater. Another lie of protecting giant trees.

Also - you can hardly fit VicForests favourite word “sustainable” onto their logging when they obliterate these gems off the planet, grow back a spindly crop of woodchip trees and then log it again in 30-50 years.


1 June 2009

A hundred years ago the excuse was ignorance for destroying ancient forests. Now the only excuse is pure, cold-blooded, merciless politics, union corruption and political donations to the ALP.