Logging increases forests flammability - new research

14 September 2014

New landmark research shows conclusively that the deadly Black Saturday fires were more extreme due to the thick flammable LOGGING regrowth. Scientists from Melbourne University and the ANU (Professor David Lindenmayer, Dr Chris Taylor and Dr Michael McCarthy) say the study showed the deadly blaze was more extreme where it ripped through young logging regrowth.

The study is dynamite and is published in Conservation Letters.

A complimentary study by Michael McCarthy can also be found here.

The findings have massive implications for whole towns and communities where they are surrounded by regenerating forests 7-50 years after logging. Of course the logging industry is in an uproar claiming that any scientist dares come up with such research findings. They devised a pseudo ‘scientific’ report to try and prove otherwise, yet their diagram 4 actually reinforced the point Dr Taylor et al made.  

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