Forest Plundering

We could fill a 10 volume encyclopaedia with stories of VicForests' plundering exploits, but in this section we will just stick to 10 main topics.

Government protected welfare cheats

1 December 2012

OK - it goes like this - VicForests haven’t made a cracker since they started operations in 2004. In 2008 they put $127 million through their books and the expenses were $132 million = $5M loss. But they were given a $5.7M handout to cut down ash forests in the fire areas (not all this ash was burnt from several accounts). So they claimed they made a half million profit.

VicForests – welfare bludgers extraordinaire

15 September 2012

The VicForests Annual Report was tabled in Parliament this week (13/9/12). They made another loss.

And this year, VicForests is dressing up the loss with a new excuse. The argument that the bushfires are to blame for their past losses has worn thin so they are now blaming us. Fancy – little enviro groups having as big an impact as a decade of bushfires! VicForests continues to break the law, but blames community groups for being audacious enough to drag them into court.

Foresters still confused over a rainforest

18 January 2012

The fifth EPA audit of logging has been released recently and shows that DSE/VicForests is still incapable of ensuring full compliance with the Code of Practice.

The report checked logging done at 41 logging coupes during the 2006/7 financial year and its findings include:
More than 10% of coupes had fires that escaped outside the logging area.
One of the escaped fires burnt part of a Potoroo conservation reserve buffer.
Nearly half of the coupes (four out of nine) with areas of rainforest, did not have rainforest correctly identified (at two of these coupes, VicForests failed to find any rainforest).

Latest logging audit spin

14 August 2011

How can an audit that has found environmental breaches on almost all the coupes checked possibly end up with a result of 93% compliance?

The latest audit of logging in Victoria’s forests will leave many environmentalists convinced that these Audits are totally worthless exercises that have done nothing to protect biodiversity in our forests. One of the reasons for the audit result is that around half of the things checked by the auditors are checks to make sure paperwork has been filled in correctly.

VicForests’ excuses unconvincing

13 June 2011

The recent exposé of the export of high quality whole logs to China has shown one more of the many underhanded and hypocritical operations that VicForests manages. Environment East Gippsland has accused VicForests of either colluding with their log customer’s illicit trade or being hopelessly incompetent as the government’s corporate forest manager.

Saving the giants

18 April 2011

VICFORESTS have announced a new “Giant Tree Protection Policy” which they say will protect any tree greater than four metres in diameter or 85 metres high in approved harvesting areas.

Michael Ryan, VicForests' Forest Scientist said VicForests' policy regarding 'giant trees' would also endeavour to protect trees which are greater than three metres in diameter.

“Trees of greater than three metres in diameter are more common both in reserves and other forest areas, however, protecting these trees will allow them to also grow into giant trees over time,” he said.

VicForests – the scandals!

11 April 2011

The report to Treasury on the performance of VicForests was revealed in late February via an FOI by the Age newspaper. > Read it here.  It details much of their mismanagement and appalling behaviour. They have illegally logged forests, not adhered to their charter, not regenerated thousands of hectares of logged forest, lost millions of public money and of course thumbed their nose at environmental regulations.