East Gippsland

The logging industry in East Gippsland has been in steep decline for years.

It’s a safe National party seat though and the pollies think they have to look after their planet-despoiling mates, regardless of how inefficient, unpopular, costly and destructive the industry is.

Even with a handful of lousy jobs left in wiping out forests for woodchips (less than 1% of the region’s workforce), the government is illogically devoted to its survival. This not only costs us millions out of our taxes annually, but directly stuffs up other healthy growing industries like tourism.


What underlies the Minister’s lies?

3 September 2015

Minister Jaala Pulford is responsible for VicForests. She’s been caught with her pants on fire again trying to cover for it in reply to a question from Greens MP Sam Dunn in early September.

She asked about ‎VicForests’ self-allocation of an additional 316 new stands of forest in Victoria to be clearfelled. The Minister said it was OK because the same number of hectares was also removed off logging maps. What she didn't say was that most of those coupes VicForests had already clearfelled and were now handing back to DELWP to manage!

VicForests plans EG forests as industrial furnace fuel

30 May 2015

Big River East GippslandA leaked three-year business plan of VicForests reveals multi-million dollar taxpayer losses among other startling revelations. East Gippsland is mentioned as the most uneconomic region having made losses of $5.5 million p.a. for years. This region supports the most exquisite and wildlife rich forests in SE Australia - that have been clearfelled to sell as ‘waste’ – and we are paying them to carry out this destruction. But that’s not the worst of it.

VicForests busted again

15 April 2015

Hensleigh coupe 6th April 2015VicForests has a chronic habit of illegal logging. This time it has been caught illegally logging protected rainforest near Hensleigh Creek on the western edge of the Errinundra Plateau.

It has been investigated but logging continues and the forests need you to act.

Email: lisa.neville@parliament.vic.gov.au
Call: 03 9637 9654
Tweet: @LisanevilleMP
#LogOutOfRainforest #ProsecuteVicForests

The cool temperate rainforest and mixed forest was very easily identified despite it having been cut down.


3 January 2015

In April last year NIPPON announced it would not renew the woodchip licences after December 2014. VicForests has not been able to find another customer for its booty.

Nippon owns the chipmill and export facilities at Eden in NSW where millions of tonnes of EG forests have been shredded and shipped for over 40 years. This has been at great cost to tax payers through direct subsidies the chipmill and industry has received from governments.


13 May 2014

The end of the woodchipping era is near.

In mid May VicForests announced that the Eden based woodchip giant SEFE will stop buying east Gippy woodchips and logs at the end of this year. Clearly they were in shock and can’t seem to put a positive spin on this – besides to say they at least now have ‘certainty’ – about the industry’s uncertain future.

GIANTS and RAINFOREST - going down today!

14 March 2013

For the past three weeks the giant trees of Mount Jersey have been falling at a rate so fast locals are saying it “sounds like a factory out in the forests, from early in the morning to late into the night, the machines don’t stop. Two to three trees on the back of one truck has become a common site."

Early in October 2013 members of the Goongerah Environment Centre visited a stand of old growth (coupe 891-512-02). They found serious rainforest breaches.