A Dead Loss

Yes – a ‘dead loss’ sums up Victoria’s native forest logging industry. 

It can’t survive without sponging off tax payers, it breaks laws you and I have to adhere to, it destroys ancient ecosystems and trees hundreds of years old, it stuffs up our water catchments, thumbs its nose at the public’s concerns, leaves thousands of hectares of once-was forest as a weed infested mess, it lies, feeds government and communities outrageous spin, is unaccountable, uneconomic, unprincipled, unlawful.

Its existence is a shameful blight on Victoria.  

Invoice to VicForests

20 September 2012

This is the invoice presented to VicForests at their Healesville office today on behalf of the Victorian tax payers.  The invoice is for unpaid royalties.

Invoice to VF.pdf 205.25 kB


VicForests – welfare bludgers extraordinaire

15 September 2012

The VicForests Annual Report was tabled in Parliament this week (13/9/12). They made another loss.

And this year, VicForests is dressing up the loss with a new excuse. The argument that the bushfires are to blame for their past losses has worn thin so they are now blaming us. Fancy – little enviro groups having as big an impact as a decade of bushfires! VicForests continues to break the law, but blames community groups for being audacious enough to drag them into court.

DSE - prosecuting while being prosecuted

20 August 2012

View through the log grabberIt reads like a silly Monty Python sketch, but this absurdity is real.

On 6th August the Department of Sustainability and Environment was to be in court prosecuting VicForests for criminally logging rainforests at Murrungowar in East Gippsland.

In a curious paradox, EEG served papers on DSE for not adhering to rainforest protection laws just three days before. That is - DSE is being sued for not protecting rainforests while at the same time DSE was to prosecute VicForests for logging rainforests.

AFS - Tick for the Status Quo

1 August 2012

The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) is currently stamped on wood from endangered species' habitat in Victoria. The AFS has also been stamped on wood from unlawful sources  in Victoria when VicForests breached its allocation. For these reasons and others relating to stakeholder engagement, the AFS fails to protect our forests because it sets a low threshold of performance and endorses standard logging practices, which are considered a threat to endangered species.