Cottonwood Range – showcase of cataclysmic clearing

8 November 2015

Cottonwood Range near Bendoc - regeneration failure Photo from GECO

This was logged 11 years ago! It was once a stand of beautiful forest rich with wildlife and birds - tall trees and lush understorey. It is part of the 10,000 ha of public land in Victoria that remains a wasteland after clearfell logging.

The photograph shows it had its earlier wattle regrowth scalped back to bare earth in the hope of coaxing eucalypts back first, but has been rendered a barren landscape devoid of anything but dead bracken.  

Even more shocking is VicForests’ plan to clearfell another 20 stands of forest within 2kms.

Google Earth image Cottonwood range Photo from GECO

This Google Earth image shows the above bracken field and failed regeneration with the planned and active logging coupes in the Cottonwood Range. This is a high altitude area 1000m above sea level.  Frosts and snow can be severe and affect regeneration, as can long hot summers. With the poor regeneration record, there should be no further logging in these sites until those areas that failed to regrow can be restored back to supporting its original forest species.