Green paper needs Reflex action

30 May 2011

REFLEX, Australia's best-known brand of paper, is set to lose its international green accreditation within the next two months unless its manufacturer can strike an unlikely deal with some of its fiercest enemies.

The loss of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification would force Australian Paper, which makes Reflex, to either abandon its public commitment to the FSC process or shift its sourcing from native forests to more expensive plantation timber.

Vic court decision looms as chipmill threat

13 August 2010
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Environmentalists say a woodchip processor in South East New South Wales will face the brunt of a Victorian Supreme Court decision to block logging in East Gippsland.

The court has banned timber harvesting on Brown Mountain, north of Orbost, until the protected long-footed potoroo and other endangered species are safeguarded.

Chipbusters spokesman, Noel Plumb, says the decision will lead to an interruption of supply of timber to South East Fibre Exports at Eden.

Mr Plumb says the decision has set a landmark precedent.

Forest debts up

9 November 2009
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VICTORIAN taxpayers are losing money on the harvest of their native forests, most of which are pulped and exported.

The financial records of the Government-owned VicForests corporation shows a loss of $1.6 million on the sale of $382 million of pulp and saw logs in the past four years.

VicForests (ex)chief executive officer John Pollard said the global wood-chip market, in which Australia was the biggest player, was highly competitive and pushed profits towards zero.

Pulped — Vic forests end up as copy paper

20 January 2008

MOST of the trees logged in Victoria's native forests last year ended up as pulp, much of it exported to Japan to become photocopying paper. More than 85% of the 1.59 million cubic metres of the state's native forest logged last financial year — the equivalent of 4745 MCGs — was turned into woodchips, sawdust and waste.