VicForests avoids Supreme Court - agrees not to log rainforest sites.

21 November 2012

In an out of court settlement – VicForests has today avoided being taken to the Supreme Court a third time by environment groups. This follows the case against VicForests coming to an agreed end in the Supreme Court today.

VicForests agreed to protect 9 areas in nationally significant rainforest sites in East Gippsland.

“The out of court settlement means that VicForests agreed to no logging at three forest areas and to modify their logging boundaries in another six Rainforests Sites of National Significance”, said Jill Redwood.

“Environment East Gippsland believes that the State government through the Department of Sustainability & Environment should have protected all Rainforest Sites of National Significance by their inclusion in the reserve system. They continue to fail to do so. They have failed to provide that basic protection for nationally significant rainforest sites. We believe that the law requires them to do so and that none of the sites should be on the logging schedule,” Ms Redwood said.

The fight against Department of Sustainability & Environment for not protecting all Rainforest Sites of National Significance continues in the Supreme Court next week.