Federal Govt suggests Victoria's animal emblem is critically endangered

28 May 2013

A leading expert says the Victorian Government is deliberately driving the state's faunal emblem to extinction. The State Government says that's not true. The Federal Government is concerned though.... it wants the Leadbeater's Possum to be listed as critically endangered.


EMILY BOURKE: There are accusations that the Victorian Government is deliberately driving the state's prized animal emblem to extinction, by allowing logging in its habitat.

It's estimated there may be as few as 1500 Leadbeater's Possums left in the wild.

The gathering tragedy in our forests

19 May 2013

Victoria’s forests are beset by problems – and time is running out to provide solutions.

Mention forest issues in Australia and almost everyone thinks of seemingly endless battles in Tasmania. Yet few people realise that large parts of the Victorian forest estate are in far worse shape than Tasmania’s.

This is because of the tiny fraction of remaining old growth, the rapid rate of overcutting of dwindling sawlog resources and the widespread use of antiquated and highly damaging clearfelling methods.

Fears for Leadbeater’s possum

9 April 2013

The Napthine government has quietly dumped controversial proposed changes to the state’s timber code allowing loggers to seek exemptions from laws protecting endangered species.

The move paves the way for larger changes to rules covering endangered species and logging, which are being foreshadowed under a yet-to-be-finished ”forest biodiversity project”.

It comes as monitoring of endangered species populations in the state’s key central highlands forests – including Victoria’s endangered fauna emblem the Leadbeater’s possum – is believed to have found worrying results for some critical species.

Last Chance For Victoria’s Fairy Possum

5 April 2013

The Leadbeater’s possum, the animal emblem of Victoria, is being pushed towards extinction by state-subsidised logging, write Lauren Caulfield and Amelia Young

In 2010, the Baillieu opposition went to the election without an environment policy. Two and a half years and a change of premier later, it’s still not a priority for Victoria’s Coalition government.

A state of extinction?

7 December 2012
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Bushfires and logging have taken a terrible toll on the habitat of the rare Leadbeater's possum. How long can it survive? Bridie Smith and Tom Arup report

The ground squelches underfoot, the forest a mass of branches criss-crossing between the slender trunks of mountain swamp gum and the ferny undergrowth. This is Leadbeater's possum country. And one of the tiny critters is about to get a rude awakening.

Photos ups ante in fight to save endangered possum

4 December 2012

FEDERAL Environment Minister Tony Burke has been urged to stop logging in Victoria's state forests after the emergence of photographic proof that endangered Leadbeater's possums are living near the Gun Barrel Coupe in Toolangi.

More than 1000 photographs of two possums, the Victorian state emblem, were recovered from motion-sensor cameras last weekend. MyEnvironment director Sarah Rees said the pair were "literally hanging on for survival in 'emergency housing', a decrepit tree in an old logging coupe".

Possum protection under investigation

2 November 2012

The federal government is reviewing whether Victoria breached a national forestry deal by not properly protecting Leadbeater’s possum, the state’s endangered faunal emblem, from logging.

In a letter to federal independent MP Tony Windsor, Environment Minister Tony Burke said his department was reviewing documents from a recent Supreme Court case over three proposed logging coupes near Toolangi from state-owned timber company VicForests.

VicForests posts loss after 'challenging year'

13 September 2012

TAXPAYER-OWNED native forest logging company VicForests has recorded another financial loss.

Environment groups and Greens have said it is “staggering that VicForests gets free land and trees to cut down but still manages to make a loss” and it would be cheaper to send its employees “to Bali to retire” than to keep the entity alive.

But VicForests says it is looking to the “future after a challenging year” and blamed the high Aussie dollar, global economic conditions and legal expenses for the loss.