Knitting nannas in court over purler of a protest against logging at Mount St Leonard

1 December 2013

As eight ''nannas'' face the clogged court system for knitting in a logging coupe, the price of protest in Victoria is set to escalate.

Knitting nanas

From left, Knitting Nannas Tess Hughes, Marion Lewis, Karena Goldfinch, Margaret O'Connell, Deanne Eccles and Lynn Dean. Photo: Meredith O'Shea

Vested interests’ are harming efforts to save the Leadbeater’s possum

28 November 2013

Panel created to save Victoria’s faunal emblem favours the logging industry, says Wilderness Society.

The Leadbeater's possum is Victoria's faunal emblem. Photograph: guardian.co.uk

A government devoid of morals

3 October 2013

Why must it take a tiny environment group to force a government to obey its own laws on threatened species? Jill Redwood wonders what happened to the Victorian Government's morals.

AS I WRITE, the bulldozers and chainsaws are brutalising another superb stand of ancient forest not far from where I am just out of Orbost, south-eastern Victoria.

Environmental concerns about logging in Victoria unabated

20 August 2013
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TONY EASTLEY: Certainly CSG is on electors minds. As we travelled from the Liverpool Plains to Nimbin there were plenty of anti-CSG signs on the entrances to properties on the roads as we drove the seven hours north-east towards the coast and the Queensland border.
CSG, climate change and carbon pricing have dominated federal debate, shadowing other environmental issues.
In Victoria, environmentalists say the last of the unprotected old growth forest in east Gippsland is under threat from logging, as are many of the threatened species that rely on it. 

Environmentalists say federal laws fail to protect threatened species like Leadbeater’s possum

20 August 2013

Environmentalists say the plight of Victoria’s Leadbeater’s possum epitomises a national failure to protect endangered species.

The elusive endangered possum, which is the state’s official animal emblem, is restricted to pockets of ash forests in the Central Highlands of north-east Victoria.

Possum 'needs more room' to survive

16 August 2013

Victoria's endangered faunal emblem, the Leadbeater's possum, has insufficient habitat to ensure the species' long-term survival, a leaked report commissioned by the state government has found.

The findings have potential implications for Victoria's timber industry, with the cabinet-in-confidence report suggesting tens of thousands more hectares of forest habitat is needed to give Leadbeater's the best chance of avoiding extinction.

VicForests cash flow under fire

18 June 2013

Victoria's state-owned timber company VicForests has racked up cash losses of $22million since it was formed - equating to a loss of $1.50 for every cubic metre of wood it has logged - an analysis of its public accounts has found.

The review was carried out by the Australian Conservation Foundation's economic unit and concludes the company's cash flow problems and large debt indicate trouble with its core business.

Loggers to help save possum

14 June 2013

Under increasing pressure to ensure the survival of Victoria’s endangered faunal emblem, Leadbeater’s possum, the Napthine government will create a taskforce headed by the timber industry and Zoos Victoria to consider how to save the species.

The move was immediately rejected by green groups, which refused to take part and criticised the creation of another committee when there was already a scientific recovery team dedicated to saving it.

Scientist: Australia taking ‘calculated actions’ to push Leadbeater’s possum to extinction

6 June 2013

Australia’s leading scientific expert on the endangered Leadbeater’s possum has publicly lambasted the Victorian state government, claiming it is the first ever domestic administration to take “calculated actions” that it knew could wipe out a threatened species.