Victorian timber bound for China under secret Andrews Government rescue plan

13 July 2015


VicForests has been left without a market for hundreds of thousands of tonnes of residual timber. Photo: Andrew Quilty

Victoria's low grade native timber could soon be packed into shipping containers bound for China and other cut-price countries for processing under a plan to help ailing state timber company VicForests.

Logging in East Gippsland losing up to $5.5 million a year

28 May 2015

Environmental activists in East Gippsland. Photo: Goongerah Environment Centre Office

Logging in East Gippsland is not commercially viable and cutting down native forests across the region is racking up losses of up to $5.5 million a year, internal government documents reveal.

Victoria must stop clearfelling to save Leadbeater’s Possum

23 April 2015

The Leadbeater's possum David Lindemayer

Leadbeater’s Possum is dependent on large, old trees that produce hollows for its survival. David Lindemayer

The Leadbeater’s Possum, Victoria’s faunal emblem, has been formally recognised as critically endangered. In a media release late on Wednesday, Environment Minister Greg Hunt stated there was an “unequivocal need” to move the species from endangered to the critical listing.

Barnaby Joyce accused of pushing Leadbeater's possum towards extinction

13 March 2015

The agriculture minister’s decision to choose paper sourced from forests logged in the possum’s habitat criticised by environmentalists

The Leadbeater's possum

It is thought only 1,500 Leadbeater’s possums have survived. Photograph: Healesville Sanctuary/AAP

Barnaby Joyce, the agriculture minister, has been accused of pushing Victoria’s animal emblem, the Leadbeater’s possum, closer towards extinction by personally intervening to ensure his department uses paper sourced from its habitat.

Chops and chips hard to swallow for some Libs

14 August 2014

EARLIER this month VicForests, the state government-owned entity that manages logging in the state’s native forests, celebrated its 10th birthday with a party.

On the face of it the foresters had a lot to celebrate. In its first eight years, despite taking in hundreds of millions in revenue, VicForests made a profit of only $12.3 million and it hasn’t paid a dividend to its owners — the taxpayers — since 2007. Lately, however, the business seems to have turned the corner. In the financial year 2012-13 it made a profit of $802,000 on $106.3 million in revenue.

Axe VicForests or chop off the public money

28 May 2014

The age of entitlement is alive and well in Victoria. At least when it comes to the logging of native forests, a proposition that has become so financially fraught the government is considering getting into the business of firewood collection and chipboard production just to prop it up.

A couple of weeks ago South East Fibre Exports – the Japanese-owned company that owns a large woodchip mill at Eden – decided to dump a contract taking waste timber from VicForests’ East Gippsland logging operations.

Professor David Lindemayer lashes Napthine Government over endangered state emblem

22 May 2014

AUSTRALIA’S leading expert on Victoria’s endangered faunal emblem the Leadbeater’s possum has delivered a stinging attack on the Napthine Government’s plan to protect the species.

Professor David Lindenmayer from the Australian National University said decades of research had been thrown out the window in favour of propping up the state-owned logging business.

He also said elements of the plan were a waste of public money.

No good, possum

22 April 2014

A MULTI-MILLION dollar pledge to save the endangered Leadbeater’s Possum has been praised by government ministers, but the world’s expert on the animal said measures won’t go far enough.

 On Monday 14 April, Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith and Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Peter Walsh released the Leadbeater’s Possum Advisory Group (LPAG) report and its recommendations to the public.

Vic government timber business just chasing its tail

5 March 2014
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Imagine a world where the state owns a school demolition business.  It roams the countryside knocking down perfectly fine public schools chosen by the state government.  This company then sells the rubble to merchants.

Not that anyone really wants to buy it, so the school-dozing company barely breaks evendespite government subsidies.  The obscene arrangement is made on the basis that several hundred school rubble jobs are at stake.  This patently nuts.  It is also the world in which we live right now.