Fire and Logging

Australia's 'fairy possum' faces uncertain future

27 January 2017

Logging, fire and climate change all pose threats to Leadbeater's Possum. Photo Empics

A tiny possum, the faunal emblem of the state of Victoria in Australia, is rapidly heading towards extinction, say scientists.

Researchers say the creature, nicknamed the fairy possum, is suffering under a combination of logging, fires and climate change.

In a study, the authors argue that new reserves are needed and priority must be given to the Leadbeater's Possum.

Environment East Gippsland launches fourth legal action against government, this time over the provision of owl habitats

6 November 2014

A small environment group is seeking to sue the Victorian government for the fourth time, this time over its alleged failure to properly protect three threatened species of owl.

Powerful Owl chick

A young powerful owl, which needs 800 hectares reserved for each pair of birds. Photograph: David Hollands

Young forests threatened by fires, logging

23 February 2014

THE cumulative effects of bushfires and logging are killing Australia's alpine and mountain ash forests, experts say.

New research from the University of Melbourne has found bushfires in young ash forests do more extensive damage than those that have been standing longer, which has significant implications for how they are managed.

Alpine and mountain ash forests grow in parts of Victoria, Tasmania, NSW and the Snowy Mountains, bordering the ACT.

Sending Leadbeater’s Possum down the road to extinction

14 December 2012

We have studied the effects of current widespread clear-felling in Victoria’s Mountain ash forests for almost three decades. Clear-felling now loses large amounts of money for the state of Victoria, degrades the forest, erodes water catchment yields, increases fire risks, and is driving Leadbeater’s Possum – the state’s faunal emblem – to extinction.

An alternative pathway is to reform (and significantly reduce) the loss-making pulpwood and timber industries, capitalise on the massive financial carbon values of these forests, maintain and then improve the water catchment values for Melbourne, and, in doing so, protect the globally endangered Leadbeater’s Possum.

It’s our choice.