East Gippsland

DSE to probe rainforest logging claims

23 November 2011

Anti-logging protesters have succeeded in stopping logging in a remote part of far East Gippsland.

The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) has agreed to investigate the protesters' claim that rainforest is threatened by logging on the Errinundra Plateau, north of Orbost.

It is illegal to log rainforest in Victoria.

Protesters have been disrupting operations in the forest coupe over the past fortnight.

Police went to the remote site yesterday to dismantle a tree platform built by the campaigners.

VicForests operations condemned

23 February 2011

THE government-owned company that logs Victoria's native forests is running out of timber, has failed to keep track of how much forest is left to log and cannot manage its costs, a damning Treasury report has found.

VicForests has also twice breached Department of Sustainability and Environment rules by logging too much and its backlog of forest that needs replanting has nearly tripled, according to the report by forestry expert URS.

Vic court decision looms as chipmill threat

13 August 2010
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Environmentalists say a woodchip processor in South East New South Wales will face the brunt of a Victorian Supreme Court decision to block logging in East Gippsland.

The court has banned timber harvesting on Brown Mountain, north of Orbost, until the protected long-footed potoroo and other endangered species are safeguarded.

Chipbusters spokesman, Noel Plumb, says the decision will lead to an interruption of supply of timber to South East Fibre Exports at Eden.

Mr Plumb says the decision has set a landmark precedent.

Conservationists welcome landmark logging decision

12 August 2010
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Conservationists says the Victorian Supreme Court's decision to block logging in East Gippsland could change the way forests are logged in other areas.
Justice Robert Osborn yesterday ruled logging of old growth trees at Brown Mountain, north of Orbost, can not resume until endangered wildlife is protected.
The judge said State Government owned timber enterprise VicForests must take measures to protect the habitat of the long-footed potoroo and other vulnerable species.

Landmark injunction halts old-growth logging

11 August 2010

Logging in an environmentally significant old growth forest in Victoria will remain banned until the state government implements a host of measures to protect endangered species.

Victoria's Supreme Court has upheld the ban preventing logging at Brown Mountain in the state's far east under an injunction, while a number of surveys on endangered wildlife are carried out.

Logging ‘a threat to wildlife’

2 March 2010

‘STATE-SANCTIONED logging of old-growth forest in East Gippsland poses a risk to threatened and endangered species and is at odds with the government’s own legislation, an environment group has said.

Environment East Gippsland is suing VicForests, the government agency responsible for logging in state forests, over plans to log about 60 hectares at Brown Mountain, which greens and the timber industry see as a symbolic battleground.

Forest debts up

9 November 2009
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VICTORIAN taxpayers are losing money on the harvest of their native forests, most of which are pulped and exported.

The financial records of the Government-owned VicForests corporation shows a loss of $1.6 million on the sale of $382 million of pulp and saw logs in the past four years.

VicForests (ex)chief executive officer John Pollard said the global wood-chip market, in which Australia was the biggest player, was highly competitive and pushed profits towards zero.

Judge likens Gippsland logging to the Somme

15 September 2009

A Supreme Court judge has compared images of a felled forest with a World War I battlefield before ordering a temporary ban on logging in a hotly contested part of East Gippsland.

Environmentalists claimed a historic victory after winning an injunction over logging of two zones of old-growth forest at Brown Mountain, seen as a symbolic battleground by greens and the timber industry.

The injunction will stand until a trial to test whether the logging would pose a threat to endangered species, particularly the long-footed potoroo.

Brown Mountain logging temporarily stopped

15 September 2009

An environment group says it is winning the legal battle to stop logging near Gippsland's Brown Mountain.

Environment East Gippsland applied for a Supreme Court injunction to ban logging, because several threatened species are believed to live in the area.

A judge yesterday put a temporary injunction to stop logging at two of the four coupes.

The group's Jill Redwood says the ruling will help protect the environment.

"It's a pretty exciting decision and it is a victory," she said.