The Spin


This is the corporate art of twisting reality so that facts are spun around to look completely the opposite of what the public see.  At best it confuses the audience and at worst it convinces them that up is down.

“We can log National Estate forests and still maintain their values”, is a classic.

Our governments now employ more media spin doctors than advisors. They think it’s more important to con the voters rather than do the right thing by them.

VicForests and the logging industry have used the spin technique for decades.

This section helps you see right through it. 

VicForests pulls facts ... out of a hat.

4 December 2010

After a complaint was made about the content of VicForests’ “Flora, Fauna and Wood Production” factsheet, they have pulled it off their web site and replaced it with several new “fact” sheets that are just about as bad as the original.

VicForests has been running around media outlets trying to build “relationships” and in the latest Sustainability report they brag that they have:

increased our capacity to be a source of credible facts and figures about the timber industry.

$400,000 annually to silence critics

1 December 2010

With the late 2010 state election out of the way, VicForests released its 2010 Sustainability report, a classic piece of Spin from the last days of the Brumby era. This year VicForests appears to be more concerned with hosing down community concerns over salvage logging and biodiversity protection than providing any information about its performance – the results for VicForests compliance with standards that appeared in the 2009 report is missing from the 2010 report.